Why Trump Won

I have been Hillary Supporter and like most people shocked by the US election results. I was a big Donald Trump fan for his show The Apprentice and watched al most all seasons. I used be very impressed by how he would fire a candidate and make you feel that he picked the right choice. After one failed attempt to attend his talk in 2006, did get to listen and shake hands with Trump in 2012 in San Jose. However, I never supported him for President for his treatment of women, moral values for kids and lack of clear policy answers etc etc.

However, just before the elections, I listened to an interview of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. He explained how Donald Trump became a primary candidate and defeated so many other republicans. Scott believes Mr. Trump’s persuasion way beyond the norm. Scott explains how we make decisions based on emotions and then justify them with facts. I still thought Trump would lose to Hilary in General Election. Turns out, Scott Adam’s theory helped there as well.

Here’s the interview I listened (it’s worth 25 minutes)

Here’s Scott’s blog today after results

Here’s the book

How I am different since then
– Starting to truly feel the emotion behind the action of the person across and it’s been a great experience, has helped me prepare for meetings (including executives) at work.
– Practice persuasion a little more and pay attention to other people’s persuasive skills.

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