The Biggest Risk of all

For the most part in my life, I have been a risk averse person and played it safe. In 12th grade, I realised 2 months before my exams that I am no where close to be prepared and neither would be. I decided to skip that year and appeared the year after. Similarly, I enrolled myself in Engineering with Electronics as a major in college. However, several of my senior students suggested to change the major (aka branch in India) because of poor staff and infrastructure. I switched to an easier major to Mechanical.Both instances are examples of taking a path of least resistance. Looking back at these two and many other examples, I see a pattern of taking the biggest risk of all – not taking a risk.

Until recently, I found my-self not taking action quick enough and stuck in paralysis of analysis. Starting this blog is one of the several first steps I am taking to break this habit.

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