Procrastinations..No more….

Procrastination happens when we find ourself making a big deal of for a project or task. I have been a victim all my life. I have read couple of books on productivity – Eat That Frog, Getting Things Done and attended a training at work as well. Things improved gradually, however there was still a large room for improvement in general.In this specific instance, I had this whole of 2016 to finish a bunch of work trainings (over 40 hours). Interestingly enough, I had not done much until last week, mostly falling prey to procrastination.

Late last week, I stood corrected about the deadline and found out that I needed to get all trainings done by November 30th – in less than 5 working days. I took up the challenge to meet the deadline and get out of this procrastination mentality in general. I have worked tirelessly to catch up (including on Thanksgiving day, weekend etc). I am finding my self approaching training with a more creative way to finish – instead of slogging through each, review at faster pace. I am able to consume the content at a much rapid rate. Attempting questions first to have focused review of the contents etc.I am already ahead and done. I also found myself wasting less time on other things and fully focused.

Overall, This didn’t seem much different from how I get work done on the day before vacation. I have heard this before and tried occasionally but if we approach our work as if we are leaving for a long vacation the next day, decisions are made quickly and more work gets done. Just that we need to strive to do this everyday!

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