I lost 35 lbs and I hate Salad

Until about 4 years ago, I was overweight with BMI 25, high cholesterol, had frequent back pains, fatigue and fevers. In late thirties, having settled with a beautiful wife and 2 awesome kids, I really wanted to do something in my career. But these health issues led to doubts, anxiety and further sickness. Conventional medication didn’t yield much results and needed to take the tablets for a long time.

At a dear friend Jyoti More’s recommendation, I met an Ayurvedic Practitioner in http://www.shubhamayurveda.com/. They key recommendation was to eat only when I would be hungry. Previously, I would eat at the right time regardless of my body needed or not, leading to indigestion, extra weight.

I lost a net weight of 35 pounds from the diet over the next year.I still ate regular food but simply followed my hunger. I never had to eat things I don’t like especially salad Most of the time, people go on diet and gain the weight back, just like a huge % of lottery winners go bankrupt quickly. Research indicates that, most of us lack the discipline to maintain our new found money or body shape. In my case, Art of Living came for rescue. I started their 20 minutes daily breathing technique in 2010 and because of that, I am still able to maintain my diet and sustain the wight.

At 41,my current weight is less than what it was in my 2nd year of college, have more energy than ever before and smile much more than I have.

Key Takeaway – Spend at least 20 minutes of time with yourself can align to your true power inside. I highly recommend Art Of Living because that’s what worked for me and I volunteer for the non-profit to make other people aware about their programs.

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