Do One Thing New Each Day

About 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to listen to Scott D Anthony. Of many great things he shared on how to be innovative, the one that stayed with me the most was was to try or learn one thing new each day. He went on sharing several simple examples – sit in a different seat even if it’s the same meeting room, take a different route etc.

Initially, I started tracking by writing down what I did new that day. After about couple of years, this started becoming a habit. Everyday I would find myself doing something new or creative – however small it may seem. In last one year or so, this trait has expanded to talking to a new person (stranger) daily.

I feel so amazed with this habit. My mind is more open to opportunities and learning from people. I am less judgemental about ideas and people. Every situation seems to have become a learning opportunity! In general I have become more open minded and respectful to others. Using this as a template, I am able to develop other good habits.

I highly encourage you to try this and see how you feel! Happy Opening Yourself up to new possibilities!

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