Celebrate Failures

Just like most people, I have always considered failures as not such a good thing. As a kid, always strived to top in school and would get upset if that didn’t happen at times. While I had heard the the saying “Failure is the pillar of success” and understood intellectually, don’t think I was truly practicing it for the most part.

In last few years, this notion started getting better when I heard a speaker say that if you have not failed, you have not tried enough. Started playing with concepts such as “fail fast” – to try and learn quickly or stretch beyond comfort zone.

However, a recent movie has transformed this paradigm. Biopic of M.S. Doni, India’s cricket team’s captain, shows that when he wasn’t selected to play for the national team, his friends were very upset. Dhoni walked in with sweets and snacks in a very celebratory mood. When he asked the reason of his happiness on such a supposedly bad day, he went on to explain that he didn’t want to forget that day. He wanted to remember that he still had work to do, he had to get better at cricket in order to make it to play for India next time. What an attitude!

I have been blown away by this approach. Recently when my daughter failed at her swim test to go the next level and was upset, rest of the family reminded her Dhoni’s approach (all of us had watched the movie together) and we celebrated with samosas. It was nice to see a smile that evening on her face.

I believe celebration of whole hearted effort increases our ability to take risks without worrying about results. And of course, the more risk we take, the more growth happens…

Happy risking 🙂

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