About Me


Hi! I’m Rajesh. Thanks for stopping by.

I almost always have been in this pursuit to explore more, learn more and do more things. However, I could not articulate or think clearly what I wanted. I simply kept on trying and experimenting one thing after another, read various books, watched and listened many successful people speak.I also have applied a huge % of what I learned

I feel fairly content where I am and what I have learned. However, if I had to go back and relive, I perhaps could have avoided a lot of these trials and errors, would have acted with a lot more clarity.

This blog may not introduce you to ground breaking ideas but my attempt is to share how I have applied some of these concepts. Samuel Johnson said “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed”. If any of my stories serve as a reinforcement, my objective will be met.

Along the way, so many people’s work helped me, so this site is my contribution to that community. If any of my sharing can help you avoid a step or two on your path, my purpose is met.